Monday, July 24, 2017
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Customer Service

Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
Shipping Costs to Canada and the United States are set at a Maximum of $15.00 Canadian
Privacy & Security
Tyjo's Fabrics will not sell or share your customer information! 
Returns & Replacements
If there is an error or mistake with your order, please contact us!  We'd be happy to sort it it.
Ordering & Currency
All items in the store are sold in Canadian dollars.  If you live outside of Canada, your banking or credit card institution will automatically convert your payment to Canadian dollars.  This will show in your country's currency on your statement.
Newsletter & Promotions
Tyjo's Newsletter will advise you of sales, discounts & new arrivals only.
Viewing Orders
Create an account and you can view the status of your orders. 
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a meter?

1 meter  = 39.37" (so you see a meter is 9.3% or  3.37" larger than a yard!)

.75 meter = 29.53" (the nearest measurement to 3/4 yard)

.5 meter = 19.68" (the nearest measurement to 1/2 yard)

.25 meter = 9.84" (the nearest measurement to 1/4 yard)

 Fat Quarter is approx. 19 ½” x 22”